Our sputter films have a high visible light transmission of up to 73%, yet dramatically reduce infrared energy and over 99% of the ultraviolet radiation. Sputter film are ideally suited for automobiles in situations where conventional window films may be prohibited. These films combine a maximum two-way visibility with excellent protection from sun damage.

The main advantage of sputter film is that, while similar in energy to conventional films, they allow more visible light to enter, reducing the 'room darkening' effect that many films have.


  • The ability to economically use premium metals that do not oxidize
  • A reduced 'mirror effect'
  • Produced without dyes or pigments, therefore it reduces fading
  • Offers the utmost clarity
  • Improves fuel efficiency of air conditioners
  • Resolves imbalances of indoor temperatures
  • Maintains comfortable indoor environment by reducing heat re-emission indoor through low heat absorption
  • Prevents fading, sunburn and discolouration of interiors and home appliances by blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays
  • Blocks up to 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer, freckles and eye damage.
  • Prevents glass shattering by blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays


  • Automotive vehicles, residential homes and commercial buildings
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