Our purpose is to solve any window film/glass related issues you might have and to offer the best solutions that cater personally to your needs and wants.


With more than 30 years experience in the window films and blinds industry, we are one of the largest window film and blinds distributor in Malaysia. We strive to provide the best, fastest and most cost effective solutions for all of our clients.

Sun-Shine window films and blinds offer you a unique range of benefits you simply won’t find anywhere else. We have worked with Research and Development companies from all around the world to ensure that our products provide the best quality features to withstand any current possibilities.



To continue to offer the best quality window films and installation services to all of our clients. We believe that good quality window films don't necessarily have to be expensive. We are here to provide the best and most cost effective solutions.

We have a unique range of window film products that you simply won’t find anywhere else. With our extensive knowledge we can guide you every step of the way from glass surveys to samples, advice and information on all the latest products in the marketplace. We are proud to be a safe contractor approved company and members of International Window Film Association (IWFA). We also have all the relevant qualifications and safe to say, you're in good hands.


- Free recce/site visits and measuring services
- Free samples and quotations
- Free consultations and recommendations
- Installation services for automotive, residential and commercial buildings
- Product presentations for projects

International Certifications

Sun-Shine is internationally recognized for its quality and services and we have a well known reputation for being the pioneer in the industry and introducing the newest and most advanced window film/blind products to the market.
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