Ceramic films are noncorrosive and won't interfere with electrical signals. it is neither dyed nor metallized. It offers crisp clear views no matter day or night. Due to nanoceramic particles being virtually invisible, ceramic tint is an excellent choice for clients who want to maintain the original appearance of their windows. It is created using the latest nano-ceramic technology incorporating microscopic metal oxide particles. Ceramic film is considered new in the market but has already proven its worth in terms of performance and reliability. Ceramic film does not disrupt any form of signals and it helps in eliminating glare, blocking 99% UV rays, prevent fading and is also shatter proof. These types of films contain exceptional infrared (IR) reflective properties. This allows the film to reject solar heat at a higher rate compared to traditional films normally used to produce window film, while maintaining the highest levels of optical clarity. Many of the ceramic films even when placed in the laminating layers of window film are almost colourless.


  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Preserving the integrity and appearance of buildings
  • Suitable for seaside locations, where salt may corrode metallic films
  • Suitable for condos, homes and other structures subject to strict architectural covenants
  • Appropriate vehicles with GPS systems or satellite radio (metallic films may cause signal interference)
  • Increase energy efficiency without sacrificing natural light or crisp views


  • Automotive vehicles, residential homes and commercial buildings
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